A Woman Who Wasn’t Loved (2016) HDRip 18+ Instantmovies.us

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Do-kyeong (Sin Won-ho) who is fresh out of the military meets mysterious Ga-in (Kim Hwa-yeon) on a boat to a deserted island. He is attracted by her fragility and thinks she might disappear soon. That evening, the two of them meet again at a bar called Yubari and spend the night together. Ga-in has a growing passion inside of her and Do-kyeong struggles to free himself from her obsession.

Genre: Adult, Drama, Erotic, Romance
Director : Noh Jin-soo
Stars : Kim Hwa-yeon, Sin Won-ho-I, Yoon Ye-hee
Directors : Noh Jin-soo
Duration : 87 Menit
Quality : SD
Release Date : 28 February 2017
Countries : South Korea

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