Pet 2016 Bluray full movie Free Download

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Pet 2016 Bluray full movie Free Download – Described as a dark, twisted love story, “Pet” follows Seth, an animal shelter employee, who develops an infatuation with Holly, the waitress he has admired since high school. After failing to impress her through conventional methods, Seth resorts to a rather unusual solution: locking her up in a cage at the shelter where he works. However, we soon discover that Holly is far from perfect, harboring deeply troubling secrets of her own. It quickly becomes hard to tell who the real victim is.


Sites to download free movies – McCurdy will play Holly’s roommate and best friend, who is always around to give Holly her sound advice and sardonic wisdom. When Holly is taken captive by Seth, Claire appears to her in hallucinatory form. It is only later that we realize who Claire really is in relation to Holly.

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Pet 2016 full movie Free download

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