The Connection Part (2015) HDRip 720p 18+

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Film Story: Ryoko, the mother of two obedient wives and two daughters (Shiori and Noki). Since when she has not had a bed with her husband, she suspects her husband ‘s affront, but does not take any action. Mitsuko, her old friend, suggested that Ryoko make her boyfriend Ryoko thinks that a man other than a husband is a boyfriend who has never imagined himself. In the meantime, I look at the tarot to appease my anxiety about my husband’s affair It is told that if you change the flow of energy there to the west, your relationship with your husband may be restored.

Ryoko starts a part time job in a cafe in the west with little hope. However, Ryoko, who at first glances at the cafe patron who met there. Ryoko’s everyday life revives with it, although it is only greeting or a small conversation. The husband who noticed the change of Ryoko starts to watch every move of Ryoko as well as her cell phone. Ryoko, exhausted by her husband’s persistent suspicion and idiocy, eventually demands a divorce Think about the children who depend on you and catch your heart. After that day, the husband who finally got a suspicion for Ryoko shares her hot affair with her for a long time.

Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance
Director: Takashi Fujiwara
Country: Jepang

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