The Wild Goose Chase (1990) DVDRip 18+

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There have been a few of these types of films made in and around this time starring James Wong regarding businessmen who go on business trips to other countries. Little time is spent actually working, more is spent on carnal pursuits. In essence, this is a sex comedy about how “successful” they will be on the trip. Its flagrantly tasteless, does not raise the stock of anything Korea related and is has little moral center. The comedy is slapstick, some of it works, some not. There is some nudity here also. Basically, this is a genre film, pretty much for men and devoid of any wish for a film award. In other words, it aims low and succeeds. Whether you’d want to see it depends on the subject and your taste. Its neither good nor bad, it has its place alongside other sex comedies. Caveat emptor.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Adult
Duration: 86 Menit
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Simon Yip (as Simon F.W. Yip)
Writer: Roman Cheung
Stars: James Wong, Kwong Leung Wong, Lei Lam

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